There once was a guy I met in college. He was goth-like, was so convinced I liked him, obnoxious, BUT very talented. He would pick on me, then help me, then pick on me some more. BUT, so talented…so I admired his talent. But…
This girl at school was his friend, and she tried to kick me out of college. I don’t think he was apart of her devious plot, but after that, he left me alone. He was older, and about to graduate. I guess that woke him up, because he didn’t act immature anymore. The immaturity, the snide remarks… ZAP! It was all gone. I eventually left that school and a few years later I now attend AAU online!(yay me) Every now and then, I think about that guy.
Why? I do not know. Maybe it would help if I heard his side of the story. What happened on his side of things….I’d like to have both sides.
And…why is he on my mind so much LATELY??
And I hate to admit it, why did I like him…even just a little? I will not forget the one thing He said to me in class. We were working on a group critique and everyone was taking a break. He looked me dead in my eyes, as if to tell me about what I didn’t see.
And it was more of a statement, then a question or teasing.

“You’re in love with me and don’t even realize it………….”